Other Projects

As a level designer, sometimes it’s necessary for me to try out new things or implement my own gameplay in order to create cool new experiences.

Recreating the crafting menu from The Last of Us

Widget Blueprints

Homework from the CGMA Level Design course

CGMA Exercises

3D Art

I have a firm grasp of modeling, sculpting, baking, and texturing.

3D Coat, Zbrush, Maya, Marvelous Designer, and Substance Painter are some of the apps that I use to make my 3D art.


As a hobby, I like to sketch and paint in Photoshop. I mostly draw characters, and sometimes end up illustrating my friend’s D&D characters.


I spent six years working as a motion graphics artist developing my skills in 3D modeling, lighting, virtual cameras, and animation.

Software used: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator.