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Project Details

Cucco Fetch Quest

The goal was to design a level around a Zelda-style Cucco fetch quest.

A gliding mechanic introduced in the level takes center stage, seamlessly tying story and gameplay to create a memorable quest.

  • Maya for modeling the blockout
  • Unreal 5 for playtesting and scripting
  • Assets include Ultra Dynamic Sky, Narrative, ALS, Dynamic Paraglider, and Fantasy Adventurers

Level Flow

Quest Design

Lower the Bridge

While the main objective of the level is to lower the bridge, the player will need the help of the cuccos in order to accomplish the task.

There is also a side quest that involves finding tea ingredients to help alleviate Gordo’s pain after he saved the Cuccos from the tunnel collapse.

Quests progress based on triggers, dialogue options, and interacting with objects.

The quests and dialogue were implemented with help from the “Narrative by ruebs” plugin.


Canals in the Jungle

A system of canals transports water from the mountains to the farming village below. However, after years of squandered relationships with the mountain people who once maintained the irrigation system, mudslides have clogged up the canals and left the village without a reliable source of water during the dry seasons. Felix and his companion, Gordo, are to travel up towards the mountain town to deliver five prized cuccos in hopes of beginning new diplomatic efforts. A day out from their start, Felix wakes up and finishes packing up the campsite. Gordo has entered the side of the cliff with the cart of cuccos. The player must enter the water system and catch up with Gordo.